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Fruits and Veggies SVG Files

Fruits and veggies are the most important nutrients in our daily diet. Therefore, we wanted to offer you some of the best fruit and veggie SVG files in this category. The importance of this food cannot be underestimated or ignores thus you may want to craft projects with them.
We provide fruit and veggie graphics that can be used in all kinds of crafting projects you like. Without a doubt, you are going to love these unique designs we have prepared for you. They are colorful and bring some color and joy to your project.

Fruits And Vegetables Clipart Cut File

These fruit and veggie SVG files are available in many forms. From pineapple topper to apple, pumpkin to lemon, you can find all kinds of vegetables and fruits. We offer you more than one apple design. In this way, you can also download fruit and veggie vectors to customize them.
For example, you can create the bite effect to recreate the Apple logo easily. We also offer fruit and vegetable bundles too. In this way, you will not have to invest in more than one design to include more vegetables and fruits into your crafting projects. Moreover, you can find all summer fruits such as strawberries and raspberries in this category.

Fruits and Veggies SVG Designs

We would like to note that we also offer fruit and veggie cut files for you. In this way, you can create any project by using your Cricut or Silhouette machines and fruit and veggie SVG files. Thanks to these files, you will be able to craft projects only in minutes and without the need for using extra software.
On the other hand, in case you are planning to craft digital projects, we got your back too. You can download our fruit and veggie clipart files for this purpose. This file format will help you to resize any design in seconds.

Fruits and Veggies

Occult Sun Svg

Occult Sun

$ 2.19
Strawberry Svg


$ 1.50
Raspberry Svg


$ 1.50
Pear Svg


$ 1.50
Peach Svg


$ 1.50
Orange Svg


$ 1.50
Mandarin Svg


$ 1.50
Grape Svg


$ 1.50