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What Do You Need to Get Started with a Cricut? Laptop, Phone or Printer
11 December, 2021

What Do You Need to Get Started with a Cricut? Laptop, Phone or Printer

If you are planning to buy a Cricut soon to help you in your hobby, then we can say that you made the right decision. Although there are hundreds of tools you can purchase for your Cricut, we are going to discuss some of the basics that will help you to get started with a Cricut.
In this respect, you need a Cricut itself, Cricut Design Space (software), cutting blades and mats, any material you would like to cut, and crafting accessories kits.

Do I Need a Computer to Use a Cricut?

Although a computer is not a must to use a Cricut, we believe it will give you great freedom and provide convenience. However, you do not need a computer to use a Cricut. If you are cool with other devices that are compatible with your Cricut, you can use them too.
It is worth noting that some Cricut models do not support devices other than computers too.

Can You Use a Cricut with a Phone?

Of course, you can use your Cricut with your phone. However, compatibility matters a lot in this topic. Depending on your smartphone or Circuit model, you can or cannot use them. If you are planning to use your Cricut with phones, then make sure that you buy the appropriate model. Unfortunately, not all Cricut machines support smartphones.

Do You Need a Printer to Use a Cricut?

Although you do not need a printer to use a Cricut, having one at hand can be quite helpful. The answer to this question also depends on the materials you are going to work on. For example, if you are going to craft vinyl, then having a printer will do wonders for you.
It can make the process much easier while providing versatility. In short, this totally depends on your projects and materials.


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