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How to Upload SVG to Cricut Design Space?
22 May, 2022

How to Upload SVG to Cricut Design Space?

Before the answer to how to upload SVG to Cricut Design Space, let’s answer the following questions "what is an SVG file?", and "what is an SVG file for Cricut?".

What is an SVG file?

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. It is a full-color image format that scales without losing resolution. SVG files are created in vector software and can easily create logos and graphics for websites, clothing, print media, and other applications. Details for "what is an SVG File?".

What is the SVG file for Cricut?

SVG files are scalable vector graphics anyone can use with many applications, for webpages, cutting machines, printing machines, CNC, and more to make intricate designs. Many people often use logos, vinyl sublimation, and other artwork. Many crafters prefer to get an SVG file for Cricut machines, due to the fact that it's perfect for editable vector shapes, quality, and compatibility.

Where to get the best SVG files and how to upload SVG to Cricut Design Space?

There are many websites that provide SVG files, but when it comes to the uniqueness and quality of SVG images to upload to Cricut Design Space, the number one SVG provider is premiumsvg without a doubt! As a premiumsvg, our aim is that, while designing SVG images, also consider their sizes, quality, and more for making our community happy. In addition, we check all the SVGs and make sure that they all working well.

How to unzip SVG files?

It is pretty easy to do! Click the right on the folder, and then you will see the “extract all” option, click it and select a destination to extract. Files are unzipped.

Let's see how to upload SVG to Cricut Design Space!
There are mainly 9 steps on how to upload SVG to Cricut Design Space.

STEP 1- Open Cricut Design Space to upload SVG
To begin, launch the Cricut Design Space program on your computer.

STEP 2Click the "New Projects" button
It can be the up green one or the down new projects area click any of them.

STEP 3 Click on the "Upload" Button
You will see an "Upload" icon which is placed at the left bottom. To begin uploading an SVG file, click the "Upload" icon.

STEP 4Click the "Upload Image" button to upload SVG to Cricut Design Space
Your most recently uploaded SVG images will be displayed on a screen. To upload a new file, click the "Upload Image" button.

STEP 5Now, Click to "Browse" Button to Get SVG from Your Computer
To pick a file from your computer, click "Browse" or as an alternative, you can drag and drop files into the window.

STEP 6Select SVG and Click the "Open" Button
Select the SVG file which you want to upload on Cricut Design Space and click to "Open". (Note: This SVG icon can change depending on your current web browser. I was using internet explorer, yours can be chrome or another. No worries about the web browser.)

STEP 7Click the "Upload" Button
When you are done with the previous step, you will see the below page with the preview of SVG. Click the green "Upload" button to continue.

STEP 8Select the Uploaded SVG and Click on to "Add to Canvas" Button
Now select the design you want to work on in the recent uploads area. And then click on to Add Canvas button to upload SVG to Cricut Design Space.
The following screen shows a preview image of your SVG image. You can edit its name as you wish.

STEP 9- Everything is ready to go, your SVG image is shown and is waiting to be cut! Let’s do wonders!

Great! Now you learned how to upload SVG to Cricut Design Space!
If you like the example Best Father Jack Daniels SVG design, you can easily get it. Also, you can consider getting Free SVGs!
Many thanks for reading our blog, hopefully, it helped you. If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us!


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