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What Is Printed Vinyl & How Does It Work?
14 December, 2021

What Is Printed Vinyl & How Does It Work?

If you would like to learn more about printed vinyl and what is it used for, then this guide is for you. Below, we have compiled everything you may want to know about these materials and what you can do with them.
Basically, printed vinyl is very similar to sticker paper. The main difference is you can use them on many surfaces.

What Is Printed Vinyl Used for?

The surfaces you can prefer to use printed vinyl are almost unlimited. Although the quality of your material matters a lot about where you can use them, here are some suggestions. You can use your printed vinyl on laptops, mugs, or even your vehicle. If you want, you can also use them on your windows or any other object you can image.
In general, printed vinyl is used for decorative purposes and in areas where they need to remain for years. You can also craft custom projects to sell on different marketplaces.

What is the Difference Between Printed and Cut Vinyl?

The main difference between printed and cut vinyl is their usage areas. Cut vinyl is a better choice for outdoor areas since they have offered a better resistance to sunlight. This means that their colors will not fade easily.
On the other hand, printed vinyl is used on elements that often stay indoors. These include mugs, laptops, or other personal goods. Depending on the texture of the object, you may need to use different vinyl materials.

What Type of Vinyl is Used for Printing?

This depends on the area or project you are going to use your vinyl. In general, vinyl types are grouped under three headings. These are matte, clear, and glossy. For example, if you are going to print photos, then you need to prefer glossy vinyl.
Clear vinyl is ideal for decorative purposes while matte vinyl is ideal for outdoor uses.

Can You Use Printable Vinyl on Mugs and Shirt?

Of course, you can use printable vinyl on mugs and shirts. For this purpose, we recommend using clear vinyl for better and long-lasting results.
Many vinyl businesses print their vinyl on plates, mugs, glasses, t-shirts, pants, shoes and shirts.


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